Real Life Missions

Connecting people in EVERY NATION to real life in JESUS CHRIST

Real Life Missions exists to connect people in EVERY NATION to real life in JESUS CHRIST. Over the past decade, we have taken teams on short term mission trips to 5 different continents and over a dozen different nations. Our current focus is on the island nations of the Caribbean. We take several trips annually to Cuba and to St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands


A trip with Real Life Missions is so much more than an average mission trip.  You will be fully trained in sharing your faith, effectively ministering cross-culturally, and extending the Kingdom of God in a new nation.  Every facet of your travel, your effective missions, and your cultural experience, will be handled in great detail by our experienced team.

Upcoming Trips

Take a look at our upcoming trips.  We can bring your team to experience these sample itineraries.  You provide the missionaries, we will create the live changing experience.


To make the most of your mission trip, please join our training. It will cover everything you need to know to effectively minister in the Caribbean.

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There are three impactful ways to partner with Real Life Missions, through finance, people, and prayer.

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It’s truly life changing when you go to another country, that has nothing in common with you, but somehow you end up becoming family. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you belong to Jesus you are family.


If you are considering joining a team in Cuba be ready to have your faith grow! Your faith will grow because you are entrusting God to give you the financial means and tools to use to share the gospel and expand his kingdom. By expanding your faith, you allow more opportunities for God to do miracles in your life as well as those you serve in Cuba.


For anyone thinking of joining a team, JUST GO! God will amaze you through the entire experience!


Walking the streets of Cuba and knocking on peoples doors and having them invite us into their homes then looking into their eyes and sharing the gospel of Jesus with them made me realize how very much we are all alike! We are all God’s children in need of a Savior!